I'm Aleks Kuznetsov, I build in Python and JS and create stuff for the internet

I am an individual entrepreneur and develop various services under a contract. If you have exciting opportunities, you can contact me via form at the bottom of the page or check out my cv!Previously, I worked as Senior Risk Developer at robo.finance, where I developed microservices for anti-fraud and anti-risk systems, Python developer at Crypto Resource Management, London, and Web developer at "Electronics" Group.I use Python 3, PostgreSQL, Docker, Flask, Starlette and other little things a lot. I usually create backend services with REST API and other exciting technologies. From time to time, asyncio or multiprocessing come in handy.I have several personal projects, the largest of which are Wish.Surf and Visas Digital. I actively use Django, AWS, Vue.JS (router, vuex, and more) and Firebase in these projects.

On top of that, I shoot photos for my Instagram and 500px. At the same time, I run 2 YouTube Channels, in Russian and English. Russian channel is focused on Banks, Brokers and Investments, while the English one is at a really early stage. Sometimes I write articles on Medium about travel and my life experiences.