I'm Aleks Kuznetsov, I build in Python and JS and create stuff for the internet

I am an individual entrepreneur and develop various services under a contract. If you have exciting opportunities, you can contact me via form at the bottom of the page or check out my cv or download it!

Previously, I worked as Senior Risk Developer at robo.finance, where I developed microservices for anti-fraud and anti-risk systems, Python developer at Crypto Resource Management, London, and Web developer at "Electronics" Group.

I use Python 3, PostgreSQL, Docker, Flask, Starlette and other little things a lot. I usually create backend services with REST API and other exciting technologies. From time to time, asyncio or multiprocessing come in handy.

I have several personal projects, the largest of which are Wish.Surf and Visas Digital. I actively use Django, AWS, Vue.JS (router, vuex, and more) and Firebase in these projects.

On top of that, I shoot photos for my Instagram and 500px. At the same time, I run 2 YouTube Channels, in Russian and English. Russian channel is focused on Banks, Brokers and Investments, while the English one is at a really early stage. Sometimes I write articles on Medium about travel and my life experiences.